/ô ˈda sə tē/

1. the willingness to take bold risks


At The Audacity, we live up to our name. Daring to challenge the Hollywood status quo, we take bold risks in our filmmaking by seeking out the stories that have never been told before. Our team is committed to pushing creative boundaries, defying conventions, and delivering exceptional content across film, television, and new media. With our innovative productions, we strive to make a lasting impact on the entertainment industry by telling authentic stories that resonate with audiences around the world.


Growing up as the son of first-generation immigrants, I was always surrounded by stories. Storytelling was the way we stayed connected to our roots, from memories of childhood to ancient fables that had been passed down for generations. But the ones that stuck with me most were the true stories of remarkable courage.

Shortly after graduating high school, my parents were forced to flee their home country of Afghanistan. What should have been a time of youthful exuberance and opportunity for them soon became a time of uncertainty. With the war and violence on their tail – and a newborn baby in tow – they eventually made it to America, where they started their new family.

Knowing what they went through to get here, I wanted nothing more than to make them proud. The corny maxim to "follow your dreams" always sounded like a luxury we couldn't afford, so I silenced my creative ambitions in pursuit of a more traditional career path. But even as I ran a few successful business ventures, I was haunted by whispers of a dream – calling me to write, to act, to tell the stories that lived in my blood.

One day, I decided to listen.

Leaving behind my home in Virginia, I packed up everything I could into my Nissan Versa hatchback. Without a plan or a place to sleep, I spent the next three days driving across the country to Los Angeles. In a way, it was a new immigrant story. Like my parents, I was in unfamiliar territory with hardly a cent to my name. For a month, I lived out of my car, but I was determined to keep going. If my parents could do the impossible, then so could I.

I built this company to tell those stories that need to be told. Stories that can inspire hope, drive change, and remind us all what it means to be human. The question is: will you have the audacity to listen?

Harris Shukran
Founder & CEO